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Testimonials:      My first drops of CBD Oil, I expected to experience something like sipping cooking oil...

Much to my surprise, I literally felt my body absorbing it instantaneously!  There was nothing to swallow.  Seriously, I can't explain exactly, it was like nutrients my body had waited a lifetime to to receive.


Kissed by the sun, touched by the soil and fed by the rain.


R e s p o n s i b l y  Sourced
Naturally grown, no pesticides or fungicides used ever! We're proud of what's not in our product! Each batch is lovingly handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients.
Colorado grown Full Spectrum Hybrid Hemp Oil 
(Not industrial Hemp)


Angel Tears CBD Oil is produced from high CBD low THC Hybrid Hemp plants designed and developed in Colorado. To ensure only top quality of our products we grow our own flower, never outsourced. Our crops are grown in the richest soils in Brighton Colorado with NO pesticides or fungicides ever. These crops are hand watered and personally tended by our own Val "Doc" Martinez and his team.  All of our natural ingredients are listed on each product. 

CBD or Cannabidiol oil supplements are derived from a Hybrid Hemp Cannabis plant that contains 85 or more beneficial compounds which including CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN which create a wonderful full spectrum oil.  After much research, we have found that cannabidiol has a wide range of health benefits from anti-cancer agents to pain reliever.  That's why the popularity of CBD oil supplements is raising day by day.
Cannabis and Hemp have been used in our history for thousands of years.  An all-natural form of wellness and health, CBD extracts are frequently employed by sufferers of mental and physical ailment to help restore vitality, vigor, and overall quality of life.  Angel Tears CBD oil is one such product which helps to provide a non-psychoactive form of relief for those who are in need.
Angel Consultants offers CBD products for your favorite furry friends!
Angel Paws drops, Angel Bites Dog Snack and Angel Bites Cat treats.




Angel Tears CBD Oil

CBD or Cannabidiol oil supplements are derived from a Hybrid Hemp Cannabis plant that contains 85 or more beneficial compounds. 

Angel products
Angel Tears CBD oil

Angel Paws, Angel Bites,

Angel Kiss Pain Balm,

Angel Touch Cream, & Angel Time Bath Salts 


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?  


Hemp Oil is derived from the industrial hemp plant, normally this is for a secondary purpose whereas our CBD Oil (Angel Tears) is derived from the plump flavor filled flower of our Hybrid Hemp plant grown in Colorado.  We don't use the stock and stem in our product. 


What is Homeostasis?


Homeostasis is the balance of the body and brain. It is a harmony within.


What is full spectrum CBD?


Full spectrum oil is a CBD Oil that encompasses all the cannabinoids. There are four of them; CBC, CBD, CBG and CBN. Each working on a different part of the body.  Angel Tears is a full spectrum as it carries all four Cannabinoids. In our case CBD Oil is a general term used for the Oil.


What is the right dosage for me?


Every person is a little different.  Please call Doc at 720-835-8827 for a one on one consultation.


Does CBD produce side effects?


There have been no side effects reported anywhere as it pertains to CBD Oil or CBD Products. 


Does CBD interact with other medications?


Angel Tears does not interfere with pharmaceutical medications.


Will CBD Oil show up on a drug test?


NO. Our THC level is .136% and was tested by two of our clients and both tested negative.


Do you sell Angel Tears in retail locations?


You can only purchase through the website, text, message, email or phone. Our product is in a handful of choice Chiropractic offices across the country.

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