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What people are saying about Angel Tears CBD oil

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I am 85 years young, and my daughter told me to get back on the oil mom. 


 Jean P.  Colorado.  

The flavor is amazing. It is what natural medicine should taste like. 

Peter H.  Stroudsburg, PA.    

I had the opportunity to treat myself to Angel Tears CBD oil and Angel Kiss Balm.

I've lived with severe pain since 1993/94. Diagnosed with Lupus, severe Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disk Disease... The pain is unbearable.

My first drops of CBD Oil, I expected to experience something like sipping cooking oil...

Much to my surprise, I literally felt my body absorbing it instantaneously!  There was nothing to swallow.  Seriously, I can't explain exactly, it was like nutrients my body had waited a lifetime to to receive.

There was no oil residue, no unpleasant taste... It was as if I had truly put real Angel Tears in my mouth. After the first week, the instant absorption wasn't quite as fast and it took a few seconds to dissipate... Still with no oil feeling or aftertaste.  

My pain was reduced and sleep was better...  

I started with lower doses as this was my first time.  I plan to try higher doses. I have great expectations for tolerable pain levels in the future.  

Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Karen G. from MO.

Went to the ophthalmologist yesterday.  Hadn't been to see them in three years.  They were freaked out that the cataracts they've been watching have disappeared! I told them why, and them were shocked.                            Larry W.    Ft Worth, TX

Thank you for making this awesome product that help with pain. 

Ruth B. Thornton, CO.   

 The oil keeps my bones lubicated and keeps me smooth. 

Don R.  Ft. Worth, TX.   

Helps me sleep!           Marie V. Lancaster, PA     

I have been working on a patients 13 year old dog who has large cancerous tumor on her right hip.  I saw her last week and advised her to give the dog 2 droppers of the 500 cbd daily.  Saw the dog today and the tumor is noticeable smaller.  That occurred in 1 week.   2 weeks later:  Patient brought her dog in today.  She is moving so much better, wagging her tail, and without exaggeration, the tumor is approximately 1/3rd the size.  Also, the fur covering the affected area has changed color.  Wild Stuff.  Besty J "the dog owner"

Since using your products, 2 things have occurred, no new tumors and my vision has gotten better.  Lynn M.    Shreveport, LA

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