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Farm To Table Interview

Interview by Stephanie (Stevie) Miller

Interviewing Doc Martinez May 21, 2020

What inspired you to become a hemp farmer and a beekeeper?

We heard about CBD oil and it’s benefits in 2015 and got very excited as we were already in the MMJ industry. We have always been believers in the medicinal value of the Cannabis Plant and other holistic systems. When we were offered an opportunity to manage and partner with two wonderful local farms and produce CBD Oil we jumped at it. We joined the CBD Hemp industry and started to grow and produce what we and others feel is a superb medicine.

Having beehives and becoming beekeepers has been a topic in our conversations since we started Hemp Farming. We finally met the right people here in Brighton and we partnered up to learn, own and become beekeepers and produce our own honey. Angel Buzz Honey….YUM! Again more natural systems.

Do you sell your products locally or nationally? if both, which do you sell more?

During the first year we sold only in CO. Of course technology has helped us offer our wonderful product nationally so over the past few years we have been shipping our products across the United States (currently in 38 states) including several chiropractors. We have more clients outside of Colorado but our Colorado locals love our products.

Would you like to increase your presence in local or national markets? Why?

We want to help as many people as we can. We would love to be able to help people around the world. Not just in the United States. Our oil has helped so many people that we love sharing our product and really want to be part of the solution.

How do you feel about the Farm to Table movement?

Farm to table is wonderful movement/concept. We need more people/businesses to understand and participate in it. We try to buy local products and try to patronize business who do the same. We believe in maintaining quality from seed-to-sale.

How much waste do you produce in a season?

All of our waste created at the farm is recycled. All soils are composted and placed in the field and reused. All plant waste is composted and shared. All the water used is from our own lake or our well.

What do you to to reduce your waste?

Our farm is very efficient and we create next to no waste. All products purchased are used and reused. We produce no biohazard waste ever. Compost, compost, compost.

Do you personally prefer a restaurant with a farm to table concept over other styles of dinning?

Our favorite restaurant was Emilene’s in Aurora. It was a steak house the raised their own meat and vegetables. The taste of the food was so natural and flavorful.

We really wish there were more available restaurants in our area. We would definitely dine there. We also try to purchase as many naturally made products we can find locally.

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